3D-DOCTOR Image Gallery

Many of the images are contributed by 3D-DOCTOR users, thanks to them.  If you have images or screen shots created using 3D-DOCTOR (or even the demo version) and would like to share with other 3D-DOCTOR users, you can email us your images (JPEG is the preferred format) and a brief description about the image and how it's created. We'll show it here and have a link directly to your web site.

  1. Volume Rendering Samples
  2. Surface Modeling & Rendering Samples
  3. Image Registration and Fusion

If you need to check if a 3D output file generated by 3D-DOCTOR is compatible with other programs you use, you can download some sample files using the following links (click the right mouse button and use Save Target As to get the file):

This heart rendering is created from a CT scan:


The following rendering is created from a CT scan of a mummy using 3D-DOCTOR:

Volume Rendering

Volume Rendering

This rendering is created from a MRI scan.

Volume Rendering from CT Image
Created from a head CT scan.

Volume rendering from foot CT image
Created from a foot CT scan

Sliced Volume Rendering of Head Image.
Direct 3D volume rendering from MRI scan

3D Modeling By Surface Rendering

3D Model of Brain Tumor

3D Brain Tumor Wireframe Model
3D model created from MRI scan. It contains 2 objects, the skin and the brain tumor. The top image is rendered with surface shading, the bottom image is rendered with the skin displayed in wire frame form.

Spine model created from CT scan

Models of ProstateETC, Bladder, Six Pack, Oblique Right, Oblique Left, Muscle Left, Muscle Right, Skin, Skeleton, Atom Skin are created from the Visible Human Project color image. Image courtesy of H. Gall, CIRS
Head Image, thumbnail Created from a MRI scan. The 3D model has two objects, the brain and lower half of the head

3D knee model Created from a MRI scan

Courtesy of G. Martins and Dr. W.J. Sigurdson, SUNY at Buffalo
3D rendering from a microscopy image.

Skull model created from a CT scan

MRI breast imaging
3D surface rendering from MRI scan.

3D Rat Brain Models Created From Drawing
3D rat brain modeling from profile images.

CT Pelvis rendering
Pelvis model created from a CT scan.

Foot rendering from CT image
Foot model created from a CT scan.

3D models created fro reverse engineering using a CT scan.

Image Registration & Fusion

CT and PET image fusion
CT and PET Image Fusion
Image fusion using CT and PET image